OLAC Membership Dues

Newsletter Issue: 
Volume 37 no.3 September 2017

Beginning October 1, 2017, OLAC membership dues will be increased as follows:


  • Personal membership (1 year): $40
  • Personal membership (2 years): $75
  • Personal membership (3 years): $110
  • Institutional membership (1 year): $50
  • Institutional membership (2 years): $95
  • Institutional membership (3 years): $140
  • Contributing membership (personal, 1 year only): $75


As reported in the minutes of the ALA 2017 Midwinter OLAC Membership Meeting, budget projections indicated significant deficits for OLAC in coming years. After an increase in membership dues was discussed at that meeting and responses were collected in an online survey of OLAC members, the Board approved the increase in June 2017. All members joining or renewing on or after October 1, 2017, will pay the new rate.


Thank you to all OLAC members for your continued support of this great organization. Without our members, we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything!