In the Spotlight with… Hayley Moreno

Newsletter Issue: 
Volume 37 no.3 September 2017

Lisa Romano, Column Editor

Heylicken (Hayley) Moreno recently became the Outreach/Advocacy Coordinator for OLAC and will focus her attention on finding ways to increase OLAC membership and visibility.  Currently, Hayley is a database specialist for OCLC’s WorldCat Metadata Quality team.  In this role, she processes requests from member libraries regarding bibliographic and authority records, is involved with merging duplicate records, and helps with updating the Bibliographic Formats and Standards documentation.  Plus, Hayley is training to be the new OCLC VIAF liaison! 

Because all types of requests come in the Bibchange and Authority file inboxes, Hayley has found that she needs to be flexible in finding different ways to resolve customer inquiries.  She has created a personal tier system that helps her to resolve requests.  Hayley first scans through the different documentation in her bookmarks folder.  If she cannot solve the problem, she then looks for other departments in her organization that can assist and maintains a contact list of experts to consult for tricky questions.  Hayley believes:  Identifying the individuals and the expertise they have can help you answer a question quickly rather than struggling for too long in identifying the answer.  

And what does she enjoy most about her job?

Learning and working alongside my colleagues. I feel lucky to have a wonderful and supportive group of team members in WorldCat Metadata Quality.  Being one of the newest members of the group, everyone has been helpful and more than willing to share their knowledge with me as I learn the ropes of the job.

In fact, our own Jay Weitz introduced Hayley to OLAC while she was a fellow at OCLC in 2013!  Jay knows how to promote the organization, and I immediately wanted to join since it was nice to have a place where everyone speaks like a cataloger.  Hayley attended her first OLAC conference in Kansas City and attended some meetings at ALA but was just a “lurker.”  She always wanted to get involved with OLAC and wasn’t sure where to start.  But Hayley thinks the role of Outreach/Advocacy Coordinator will suit her due to her past work with the ALCTS New Members Interest Group.

Hayley’s own path to librarianship was both, intentional and accidental.  After graduating as a psychology major, Hayley decided that she did not want to pursue a career as a psychologist and was considering what other options she could pursue.  One day while having coffee with one of her professors (who was a close friend), the professor mentioned that she had signed up for library school.  It was almost like those cartoons you see when the lightbulb turns on.  I thought that was a great career plan for me since I enjoyed being in the library and doing research.  I was one of those weird students that wanted to know the controlled vocabulary being used in PsycINFO.  After that coffee date, I immediately started searching for library schools in Florida and decided to take one class to test it out and see if I enjoyed it, and I did.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Her first library job was temporary at the University of Miami Libraries where she was a library assistant for the Cataloging and Metadata Department.  Hayley first verified e-book MARC records and made sure the links and descriptions matched, plus did copy-cataloging of books.  One interesting project Hayley worked on during her career was the Ediciones Vigía Artist Books collection from the University of Miami, Cuban Heritage Collection.  These resources consisted of handmade books made from ordinary objects such as newspaper, cans, and cardboard transformed into “something spectacular.”  Hayley enjoyed recording their elaborate details in notes in the catalog record.  

In her career, Hayley has proven to be a leader in the library field.  She was the co-recipient of the Presidential Citation Award in 2016 from ALCTS.  Hayley and Alissa Hafele took a leadership role as cochairs of the ALCTS New Members Interest Group in determining the need and feasibility of creating a mentoring program in ALCTS.  Additionally, Hayley wrote an article for ALA’s Library Worklife regarding having a job readiness strategy for recent graduates.  This article was based on a presentation she did at the ALA Job Placement Center.  

Plus, Hayley has been involved in various other groups within ALA, ALCTS, and LITA.  She was a member of the ALA Spectrum Jury that selected the Spectrum Scholars for 2015-2016.  In LITA, Hayley was on the OCLC/LSSI Minority Scholarship Committee for 2015-2016 and was also a member of the taskforce on the LITA President Program at ALA that year.  And Hayley is currently the co-chair of the ALCTS Program Committee and is interning on the ALCTS editorial board - in which our OLAC president Jeremy Myntti is a member!

And what is Hayley’s advice for new librarians?  

Get involved with professional organizations as soon as possible.  It is incredible the opportunities you can gain from being in a professional group like this one.  My personal experience from being involved in library organizations has helped me grow my network, learn about professional opportunities like being co-chair and presenting, and even employment opportunities.  It is never too early to join these organizations because as a library school student or new professional you can begin to learn from your colleagues and connect with individuals that are interested in those same things you are.  Try to be proactive and don’t lurk too long!