Call for Nominations

Newsletter Issue: 
Vol 37 no. 4 December 2017

Call for Nominations for OLAC Officers
Stacie Traill

Interested in a leadership opportunity where you will learn about OLAC from the inside and help shape its future? OLAC is seeking nominations for the offices of Vice President/President-Elect and Secretary. Please consider nominating yourself! All OLAC personal members are eligible to serve and self-nominations are highly encouraged. To become a candidate, just submit a letter of nomination indicating the position for which you wish to run. The letter should include a brief description of pertinent qualifications and professional activities.

Members of the Executive Board receive a $100 stipend for attending OLAC Membership meetings during ALA conferences. The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2017. Please submit requested nomination materials to Stacie Traill ( by that date.

The official duties as laid out in the OLAC handbook are:

Vice President/President-Elect
This office is elected annually, with a term beginning in the summer following the ALA Annual Conference, and serves four years: a one-year term as Vice-President/President-Elect, followed by one year as President, one year as Immediate Past-President, and one year as Past-Past President.

The Vice President performs all duties delegated by the President and presides at meetings and other functions when the President cannot attend. The Vice President is expected to attend the OLAC and Executive Board Meetings while in office and is responsible for any OLAC-sponsored programs held at ALA Annual. The Vice President chairs the OLAC Research Grant Committee.
The OLAC President presides at all OLAC Membership and Executive Board Meetings. The President will submit quarterly reports for the OLAC Newsletter, and works closely with the OLAC Executive Board in guiding the operations of the organization.

The Immediate Past President serves as Chair of the Nancy B. Olson Award Committee and as a member of the OLAC Executive Board. The Past President may also be asked to take on an additional project which forwards OLAC’s goals. The Past-Past President serves as the Chair of the Elections Committee.

This office is elected every two years, with a term beginning in the summer following the ALA Annual Conference in the year elected. The Secretary serves two years; the next Secretary’s term will run from summer 2018 to summer 2020. The Secretary is expected to attend OLAC Board, CAPC and Membership meetings at both ALA Annual and Midwinter conferences, and records the minutes of those meetings. The Secretary also maintains and disseminates the roster of the Executive Board, past OLAC Presidents, and OLAC appointees. In addition, the Secretary maintains the OLAC Handbook, and prepares any corporate reports required by the State of Minnesota.