Call for Outreach Coordinator Volume 36 No. 3, September 2016

Newsletter Issue: 
Volume 36 No. 3, September 2016

Annie Glerum 

We have a wonderful opportunity for an OLAC member to serve as our Outreach-Advocacy Coordinator.
This is an appointed position on the OLAC Executive Board and provides many opportunities for creativity and interaction with OLAC colleagues.
The appointment would start as soon as possible. The full description of the position is found in the OLAC Handbook and copied below. If you have any questions about the Outreach-Advocacy Coordinator's duties, please contact Jeremy Myntti, our OLAC Vice-President/President-Elect and the former Outreach-Advocacy Coordinator.
From the OLAC Handbook:
“The OLAC Outreach-Advocacy Coordinator is responsible for promoting the purposes and objectives of 
OLAC and encouraging membership growth. This position also acts as a repository for fundraising 
data related to conference sponsorship and pursues conference donations in cooperation with the 
Conference Planning Committee. The Outreach-Advocacy Coordinator is an ex-officio member of the 
OLAC Executive Board and is required to attend at least one Board meeting per year, consult with 
the Board and contribute regular reports to the OLAC Newsletter. At the Coordinator’s request and 
the Board’s discretion, task forces may be appointed as needed. A stipend of $100 will be given for 
each Board meeting attended. This is an appointed position with a term of office that runs two 
years with the possibility of reappointment upon satisfactory performance for up to a total of six 
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Annie Glerum (