OLAC 2017 Conference Scholarship

Newsletter Issue: 
Volume 37 no.1 March 2017

OLAC will award a Conference Scholarship which provides funds for a member of OLAC to attend the OLAC Conference. Any personal member of OLAC who has never attended an OLAC Conference is eligible for the scholarship.

The award will be based upon information provided by the applicant in the form of a completed application form, a vita demonstrating the applicant's interest in nonprint cataloging, and a cover letter. The cover letter should describe why the applicant wishes to attend the Conference, how the receipt/nonreceipt of this scholarship will influence his/her ability to attend the Conference, and potential applications to her/his present and future job responsibilities.

The geographic location of the applicant's home, type of library or position, age, sex, religion, race, national origin or disability will not be considered as criteria in the selection of the successful applicant. Emphasis will be placed upon the quality of the application presented, its articulateness, and cogency. While financial need may be considered, it is not a requirement for selection.

Awards will be received and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee which is chaired by Stacie Traill (trail001@umn.edu).