From the Secretary

From the Secretary

Jeannette Ho

OLAC Executive Board Meeting
Virtual by WebEx Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Present: Annie Glerum, Autumn Faulkner, Bruce Evans, Jeremy Myntti, Marcia Barrett, Stacie Traill, Jeannette Ho, Matt Burrell, Jay Weitz
Present: Marcia Barrett, Bruce Evans, Autumn Faulkner, Annie Glerum, Jeannette Ho, Jeremy Myntti, Stacie Traill, Jay Weitz
Absent: Matt Burrell

Meeting started at 1:02 pm EST

Officer Reports

  • President (Annie)
    • No report at this time
  • Vice President/President-Elect (Jeremy)
    • Jeremy contacted Nancy Lorimer from Stanford to see if she is willing to give a presentation about her work with the Linked Data for Production (LD4P) project during the Membership Meeting at the ALA Annual Conference in June. He received a message from Nancy indicating that she is able to do so.
  • Treasurer (Autumn)
    • Autumn shared a link to the third quarterly report for this year prior to the meeting.
    • Last year, EBSCO did not send us information about institutions that renewed their OLAC memberships, and some ended up not being renewed. Autumn has emailed these institutions to straighten out the situation. If anyone knows of any libraries that have still not yet renewed their institutional memberships, they should contact Autumn.
    • Autumn is working on a document with special instructions for the next person elected to the OLAC Treasurer position.
    • She proposed using a Google Drive or Dropbox folder for procedural documents. Board members agreed that this is a good idea and would make such documents easier to share.
    • Autumn suggested using YNAB as OLAC’s budgeting software instead of Microsoft Quicken, which has been used until now. She found YNAB to be more accessible and user-friendly. It may also be easier to learn, which may help ease the transition for the successor to the Treasurer position. A subscription to YNAB would cost approximately $40 to $50 per year. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to use this software.
  • Secretary (Jeannette)
    • The OLAC meeting minutes from ALA Midwinter were sent to the OLAC Newsletter. They appear in the current March issue.
    • The rosters for OLAC Board members and appointees/liaisons were updated. Changes suggested by Board members were incorporated. The contact information for Hayley Moreno, the incoming Outreach/Advocacy Coordinator was added.
  • Outreach/Advocacy (Jeremy)
    • Jeremy is working on a report for Hayley Moreno, the incoming Outreach/Advocacy Coordinator. The report will summarize projects that he worked on and list usernames and passwords for OLAC’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Flicker)
    • There will be an announcement in the “Members on the Move” section of the June issue of the newsletter about Hayley’s new role. Hayley will also be featured in the “In the Spotlight” column for the June issue of the OLAC Newsletter.
    • The “Members on the Move” column will announce OLAC members who have been elected to positions during the recent ALA election. Jeremy would also like to list presentations given by OLAC members. Since we may not know about all the presentations in advance, it was suggested that we might send out an email announcing the ones we do know about before the conference. The presentations can be listed in the September issue of the newsletter.
    • If anyone has other ideas for the “Members on the Move” section, let Jeremy know.
    • The Board discussed Autumn’s idea of using GoogleDocs or Dropbox further. Such software may be beneficial for other OLAC positions in addition to Treasurer. It could make it easier to collaborate and share information, as well as ease the transition for new Board members. It was mentioned that GoogleDocs may be better than Dropbox at facilitating collaboration, as it allows users to see edits made to documents in real-time, while there is a time lag in Dropbox. GoogleDocs accounts can be assigned to new owners. Stacie offered to share documentation on this process. Jeremy will create a GoogleDocs folder for OLAC and a subfolder for OLAC Treasurer.
  • Newsletter Editor (Marcia)
    • The June issue of the OLAC Newsletter will be published on June 16th. It will be published a little later than usual in order to include as much information as possible about the upcoming OLAC Conference.
    • Marcia would like to stick to the usual deadline for submitting articles for the newsletter. She can work on getting them formatted ahead of time before adding information about conference programming.
    • It was suggested that an announcement be sent to OLAC members to inform them about the newsletter’s later publication date.

Committee Reports

  • CAPC Chair (Bruce Evans)
    • RDA Standing Subgroup
      • This group has been formed and is ready to commence its work. It members are: Netanel Ganin (Chair), Yoko Kudo, Greta de Groat, and Anna Goslen. They have divided up the RDA best practices guides among themselves to revise according to the April Toolkit update.
    • MARC Advisory Committee-related actions
      • The Video Accessibility Task Force (chaired by Teressa Keenan) has teamed up with the Canadian Committee on Metadata Exchange (CCM), which had submitted a discussion paper proposing new MARC fields and subfields for recording video accessibility-related data. This partnership has resulted in a proposal for Annual. The draft of this proposal has been shared with CAPC for comment. Teressa compiled that feedback, incorporated into the draft, and submitted it around the April 24th deadline.
      • Cathy Gerhart has been working on a MAC paper to add an additional 007 code for high-definition (4K) Blu-rays. The draft was shared with CAPC, which discussed the possibility of using 340 $d to record this information, and the need to be judicious with the remaining 007 values, as many video formats (many now obsolete) have had to be accommodated over the years in this field. CAPC voted to withdraw the paper and explore the use of the 340 $d to record this information.
      • Cathy Gerhart has been working with Kelley McGrath on another MAC paper having to do with the 257 field. This paper was submitted on April 24th.
    • Unified/Mega Best Practices Task Force
      • Bruce asked whether this task force should begin its work or wait until after the RDA Toolkit is restructured next year. It was suggested that the task force use the interim period to identify areas that the best practice documents have in common that can be merged. In addition, it can examine areas where they contradict each other and discuss how to resolve them. This work will still be valid after the Toolkit is restructured. It is anticipated that the 3R project will result in cosmetic changes to the Toolkit, including the renumbering of RDA instructions. It was suggested that Bruce contact Kathy Glennan or Gordon Dunsire to learn more about changes that are expected to be made to theToolkit. Bruce will begin the work of the task force within the next few months.
      • Bruce asked what CAPC should be doing to monitor developments during the 3R project. It would be good to have someone share information about this project in areas that are relevant to OLAC members. However, it is still not known at this time what process will be used to keep people informed about the progress of the 3R project, or the extent to which details will be shared. It is possible that not too many details may end up being shared.
      • After checking with Heidi Frank, the most recent chair, and others, Bruce learned that all of the work associated with the RDA Glossaries has disappeared. It may be necessary to start again from scratch. It was suggested that Bruce check with Mary Huismann. Bruce thought he might have already done so, but will check again.
      • Bruce will send the new names for the publications and training materials section of the OLAC website to Matt so that they can be added.
  • Conference Planning, Program, and Scholarship Committees (Stacie Traill)
    • Stacie has been working with the program planning group to come up with a list of desired workshop and preconference topics and suggested presenters. They have held a WebEx meeting with Kay Johnson, and have come up with a draft schedule. It includes a panel of 3-4 presenters who will talk about linked data projects at their institutions, and a “collaborative problem solving” session, where there will be groups gathered to discuss particular problems or concerns related to AV cataloging with one person per group acting as a facilitator. Although Stacie has received some ideas for presenters, more suggestions are welcome. If anyone can think of someone who would be a good presenter, please contact her.
    • Kay Johnson is leading another group to plan local arrangements for the conference. They have brainstormed potential conference themes with input from the program planning group.
    • Stacie needs to set the amounts for the conference registration fee and presenter stipends so that she can send invitations to presenters during the next few weeks.
    • There is a need to appoint a conference scholarship committee. It will consist of the past conference scholarship winner (Melissa Burrell), Stacie Traill, and a third member yet to be determined. An announcement should be sent on OLAC-L soon. The deadline for applications for the scholarship will be June 19th. There is a need for a method to submit CVs and cover letters via a web form. Stacie will check with Matt Burrell about a form that he previously shared with her that could potentially allow this.
  • Elections Committee (Marcia):
    • 100 votes have been submitted to date for the current OLAC election.
    • $40 is the most popular choice for the membership dues increase so far.
    • Mary Huismann (for Vice President/President-elect) and Debra Spidal (for Treasurer) are the leading candidates so far.
  • Nancy B. Olson Award (Stacie):
    • No nominations were received this year.
    • Board members were encouraged to start thinking ahead about potential nominees for next year’s award.
  • OLAC Research Grant Committee (Jeremy)
    • No proposals were submitted for the grant this year.
  • Website Steering Committee (Matt)
    • Matt submitted the following report prior to the meeting:
      • The Web Steering Committee has not met. My plan is to meet before Annual in June.
        • A topic of discussion will be adding a section of the website where Conference Web Sites will be kept. We will be able to create an instance of Drupal with it’s own design, header, footer, etc, following the design of the ALA Conference sites. In this way each conference will have its own “Look” but the conference registration, hotel's, general info, etc. will be in the same place for each conference.
        • The pages will be easier to build, just a new logo will be needed
        • Presentations/ recordings/ etc will be archived on the same site
        • We have plenty of room on our server to do this
        • The new names have not been received from CAPC for the page publications training materials page located at (5% of all traffic spends over 5 minutes on this page)
        • This is important being it is the most used page on the site
      • Web Site Statistics:
        • The website is solid, have 0 downtime
        • Year to date 25,380 pageviews (compared to last year 33,609) down 25%
        • Top pages remain similar to our last meeting
          • Publications training materials
          • Online resources av catalogers
          • Newsletter
          • Archived newsletter
        • Stacie is planning to meet with Kay, Matt and Annie to decide how to move forward with the website for the OLAC conference. The meeting will probably take place during the week of May 15th. This will give her group time to decide on a conference theme. In the meantime, Matt can get the structure of the website set up before a conference theme is determined.
        • A question was asked about whether the move to a new website last year resulted in any loss of functionality, as the report stated that page views are down 25%. It was speculated that the publications and training materials page views may be down due to the lack of user-friendly titles for the documents or due to thepresence of dead links. It was suggested that there may be a need to review the website for dead links as some have been found. A more systematic method to detect such problems may be needed, which could potentially involve a new website content manager position, which was discussed at Midwinter. The Board may discuss this further during the ALA Annual meeting in Chicago.

Old Business

  • Membership dues (Autumn)
    • Results from the survey on OLAC members’ preferences for membership fee amounts are expected by the end of the week. So far, the majority of votes were in favor of doubling the membership fee to $40. Only about one-fifth of the votes were for fees that were lower than this number.
    • Board members voted on the amount that they would prefer. They voted unanimously for raising the amount to $40 for individual memberships.
    • It was suggested that the cost of institutional memberships could be raised to $45 (It is currently $25) or doubled to $50.
    • We also need to decide on the amount for two-year memberships and contributing members (currently $50). It was mentioned that we only have one contributing member at this time, since this category has not been promoted. It was mentioned that doubling this fee to $100 would be a big step, and that it would be more reasonable to set the amount at $70 or $75. Autumn will send an email to Board members with the proposed amounts and gather feedback. She would like to complete this task before she leaves office.
  • OLAC-MOUG merger (Jeremy/Bruce)
    • See the report submitted prior to the meeting.
    • A white paper is being written that will compile all of the findings of the survey and points made during discussions about this topic. This paper will be discussed at the OLAC Board meeting during the ALA Annual Conference in June.

New Business

  • Listserv reply settings (Bruce)
    • Bruce would like to change the settings of the OLAC-L list so that hitting “reply” puts the name of the person who sent the message to which one is replying in the “To” line; and hitting “reply all” puts the list address in the “To” line. This is the practice of the MLA-L and MOUG-L listservs, and would help prevent embarrassing situations where one hits “reply” and sends a message to the entire listserv that one only intended for a single person. The Board members voted unanimously to make this change. Bruce will send a message about it to Jay Weitz, who will pass it on to a colleague who can make this change.
  • Conference Website (Stacie/Matt)
    • Stacie will share a link to the ideas proposed so far for the OLAC Conference theme with Board members.
    • Conference Budget (Stacie)
    • Stacie will work with members of her group to finalize the conference registration fee and the presenter stipend. She has sent previous amounts to Annie, Autumn and Kay who are working with her on this.

Meeting adjourned at 2:02 pm EST.