OLAC Conference Corner

Newsletter Issue: 
Volume 37 no.2 June 2017

OLAC Conference Corner

Stacie Traill, Program Chair

The Program Planning subgroup of the OLAC Conference Committee has been working hard to develop a slate of engaging and useful content for this fall’s conference. We are in the process of finalizing a wonderful roster of workshop presenters to lead workshops on the following topics:

  • Basic and Advanced Video Cataloging
  • BIBFRAME and Linked Data
  • Basic and Advanced Cartographic Resources Cataloging
  • Inclusive and Accessible Documentation
  • Cataloging Three-Dimensional Objects
  • Cataloging Videogames
  • Basic and Advanced Audio Recordings Cataloging
  • Preferred Titles for AV Resources

Watch for the announcement of workshop presenters, coming soon!

In addition to the workshops, the conference program team is planning several opportunities for attendee-contributed and attendee-led sessions, including:

  • A panel on Linked Data initiatives happening at OLAC members’ workplaces
  • Poster presentations
  • Lightning talks

...and -- new this conference -- collaborative problem-solving round tables. The collaborative problem-solving round tables are a fresh take on OLAC’s traditional “birds of a feather” round table discussions, providing a venue for conference attendees interested in leading structured, small-group discussions of challenging topics in AV cataloging. Keep an eye on the OLAC list -- calls for proposals for all of these sessions are coming soon!

The Conference website, which is under development, is available here.