Call for OLAC Officer Nominations

Newsletter Issue: 
Volume 36, no. 4. December 2016

Call for OLAC Officer NominationsMarcia Barrett & Paige AndrewOLAC is seeking candidates for the offices of Treasurer/Membership Coordinator and Vice President/President-Elect with terms beginning after the 2017 ALA Annual Conference. The OLAC Elections Committee is accepting nominations which close at the ALA Midwinter Membership meeting.The Treasurer/Membership Coordinator serves a two-year term. The Treasurer has overall responsibility for the financial concerns of OLAC. Annually, the treasurer reviews the OLAC budget and assesses the financial health of the organization. Written financial statements are presented at the OLAC Executive Board meetings. Quarterly statements are published in the OLAC newsletter. The Treasurer also routinely handles inquiries including: general information on OLAC, membership rates, and invoices. More information about this position may be found in the OLAC Handbook.The Vice President/President-Elect serves one year before moving into a one-year term as President, then a one-year term as Past-President. As outlined in the OLAC Handbook, the expectation for these positions are: Vice President/President-Elect

  • Plans the OLAC program for the ALA Annual Conference Membership Meeting
  • Generates a discussion topic for the ALA Midwinter Membership Meeting
  • Serves as the presiding officer when necessary


  • Presides at all OLAC membership and Executive Board meetings
  • Prepares and distributes an agenda for OLAC meetings to Executive Board and others as needed
  • Arranges for Executive Board dinner meeting
  • Writes letters of appointment for CAPC after consulting with the OLAC Executive Board
  • Reserves meeting spaces for OLAC/ALA meetings
  • In odd-numbered years, appoints liaison
  • Signs the letter of presentation and presents the Nancy B. Olson Award
  • Writes letters of inquiry on topics of AV concern
  • Writes acknowledgments and thank you letters

Past President

  • Chairs the Nancy B. Olson Awards Committee
  • Attends Executive Board meetings to counsel and inform

 Both positions are members of the OLAC Executive Board. Attendance at both ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings is expected, and members receive a $100 stipend for attendance. OLAC receives two complimentary registrations to ALA Conferences, and this is awarded to the current Vice President/President-Elect and President.