Executive Board Minutes


From the Secretary:

Jennifer Eustis

Meeting Minutes 

Jennifer Eustis

OLAC Executive Board Meeting

ALA Annual Conference
Orlando, FL
Friday, June 24, 2016

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Present: Jennifer Eustis, Annie Glerum, Autumn Faulkner, Mary Huismann, Jeremy Myntti, Marcy Strong, Stacie Traill, Jay Weitz

Absent: Marcia Barrett, Liz Miller

Started at 4:29pm

1.       Office Reports:

  • President’s report (Stacie Traill):

OLAC welcomes 2 new appointments. Matthew Burrell joins the OLAC Board as the OLAC Web Developer and Marcia Barrett has been appointed as the OLAC Newsletter editor.

  • Vice President/President Elect’s report (Annie Glerum):

The winners of the 2016 OLAC Research Grant are Ralph Hartsock and Peter Lisius. The grant funds will be used as part of the research and development process toward the publication of Annotations for Music Cataloger: Examples Illustrating RDA in the Online Bibliographic Record and for the presentation of their research methods at an OLAC conference. Many thanks to the other members of the 2016 OLAC Research Grant Committee: Kelley McGrath, previous OLAC research Grant winner and David Prochazka, OLAC member.

A huge round of thanks to Jay Weiss for presenting “Cataloging Videorecordings Defensively” at the OLAC Membership Meeting on June 24, 2016. This session will provide background on OCLC's Duplicate Detection and Resolution (DDR) software and help catalogers use RDA and AACR2 instructions in MARC21 bibliographic records in the context of DDR's criteria for recognizing unique records.

  • Treasurer’s report (Autumn Faulkner):

OLAC is pleased to welcome 34 new members. There are a total of 295 members which is a combination of institution and person memberships. There were a rash of renewals. Many might have noticed that the “member since” information might be inaccurate if you have been a long time member. Because of the migration to the new system, the “member since” information was lost. Ways to globally update this information is in the works. However, the change can be made manually. If you would like that, contact the OLAC Treasurer. See full report online.

  • Secretary’s report (Jennifer Eustis):

There is no report at this time.

  • Outreach/Advocacy report (Jeremy Myntti):

Many might remember from Midwinter that work had begun on a Wikipedia page for OLAC. A new page and changes was submitted for review which should be out shortly. Stay tuned for an announcement.

As Jeremy is moving into his newly elected position of Vice President/President-Elect, we are looking for an Outreach/Advocacy volunteer. Stay tuned for the call for volunteers.

  • Newsletter Editor’s report (Marcy):

The updated instructions have been shared with Marcia. Marcia will be working on how to integrate the Newsletter better with the website.

2.       Committee Reports

  • Web Steering Committee report (Matt):

In the Membership meeting, how to handle comments came up. We would like to revisit how comments are handled. This could be an opportunity to entice people to post information here rather than elsewhere in a moderated forum. There might be already existing functionality that could be used to link to the listserv. For moderation, Matt could take the lead and then the committee could take turns moderating. We are looking for content to populate the front page! The social media links are a good start with Facebook being the principle link. We’d like to expand Flickr. If you have ideas for content that is appropriate for the front page, send it to Matt.

The new website is almost ready to be rolled out. The news banner, the pages About, Get Involved, Cat. Resources – Best Practices & Guides, Cat. Resources, News, Committees for CAPC, Research Grant and Website committee have been updated with the latest information. Several pages remain to be updated such as the home page. Some of the updates will made after ALA Annual as new members join OLAC and CAPC.

The A/V Glossary is used and appreciated. We are in communication with Heidi Frank to continue work on this project and make it available. We should also communicate with Kelley McGrath on this project.

  • CAPC report (Mary):

CAPC Membership

After this meeting we bid farewell to CAPC members Jessica Hayden and Trina Soderquist, and intern Lisa Romano. Filling their places will be CAPC members Teressa Keenan and Scott Dutkiewicz, and intern Yoko Kudo. Intern Amanda Scott continues for another term. Finally, it’s been my privilege to serve as CAPC chair these past few years – incoming chair Bruce Evans will begin his term following ALA Annual.  So, farewell and welcome!

Task Force Reports:

A brief update on the active groups:



The joint MLA/OLAC Playaways RDA best practices task force work continues, but they are in need of more task force members. Please let me know if anyone is interested! Rob Freeborn is the chair, and Jay Weitz is the group’s advisor.


Games Preferred Titles (Joint TF with SAC)

A joint task force with SAC working on game headings (Greta de Groat, chair) was formed in March 2015 to address several issues regarding practices for preferred titles and authorized access points for games. Many of these issues came to the fore through the work of the Video Games RDA task force. The group’s final report was submitted to LC in August 2015, and they are awaiting LC’s response.


Video Games

While the guide has been issued, there are a few outstanding issues to resolve. Most of the outstanding issues are connected to those raised in the Games Preferred Titles joint task force work.


New Task Forces

A new task force for RDA best practices for realia and other “funny formats’ is being formed. Julie Moore is the chair and we are in the process of identifying potential advisors and task force members. Expressions of interest are welcome! Other guides under consideration include spoken word audio recordings and “other” disc formats (e.g., DVD-ROM, CD-ROM).


Revisions and Updates to the CAPC RDA guides

As a follow-up from ALA Annual I’ve been in contact with Richard Leigh (SMaCR chair) about how to tweak the review process to accommodate a quicker review/update of the RDA best practices documents. CAPC will be assisting SMaCR with the RDA Best Practices review/update process.


Other CAPC Work

CAPC has assisted with the CC:DA region coding proposal and cleaning up some pre-moratorium relationship designator work. CAPC will also take on updating two sections of the website: Online Resources for AV Catalogers and refreshing the Subcommittee for Authority Tools for AV Catalogers.


  • Archives (Stacie for Liz):

No report at this time.


3.       Discussion

  • Conference Planning (Stacie):

The survey produced a number of good comments and results that clearly showed that the membership values the conference. Stacie will create a summary report for the Board and membership.


Stacie and Marcia were contacted in May from a person interested in hosting the conference in the Roanoke, VA area from Radford University in Virginia. This person has done considerable leg work and is currently working with Stacie and Marcia who will continue to stay in touch. This person has also agreed to look at other locations in Virginia and near D.C.  Autumn has created a list of members in VA to help with potential planning.


For conference planning, it is a good idea to separating out program planning from local arrangements. There is already the conference planning committee that put out a survey to gather possible topics for the next conference. This work and the survey results will be used for the 2017 conference. The suggestion to have a standing conference committee would be helpful despite that the small size of the organization. The conference manual helps but it is not a substitute for people planning the conference. Questions: Who would be on this committee? Would it make sense to create another board position that act as a conference coordinator? Could MOUG be used as an example as there’s one person who is the conference coordinator and also takes care of training? A new Board position would require a change to the Bylaws. In Article XI, this means submitting a written proposal to the Board with signatures of at least 3 members or a recommendation of the Executive Board which then must be put to a vote of the membership with the ballot administered by the Elections Committee. Amendments require 2/3 approval of those responding for the proposal to be accepted into the Bylaws. We need to investigate the tasks involved with and the role of this new position. Annie and Stacie can work on a job description. Stacie and Marcia will continue to work with the person from Virginia for the 2017 conference. By Midwinter 2017, we hope to put out a call for volunteers to have a person appointed by spring.


Do we want to restart the discussions on the potential merge with MOUG? The two organizations overlap. This is something that we can consider as well.

Adjourned at 5:07 pm